The 10 Holy Rules of Hollywood’s Horror Movies

I am already at the Abbey of St.Asaph_ Hippolyte Victor Valentin Sebron, 1848It’s been a long time since the last time I saw an original horror movie…it seems like they’ve made in Hollywood a prepared template for horror movies, then any production company comes and fill the blanks with some new names and a new title and voilà ! A brand new horror movie see the light …

Those are the most 10 rule I think they keep repeating in horror movies:

–  the movie is starring of a young, innocent, cute, white –probably blond – girl, and this girl have a very loud and sharp voice can break glass easily !

– The Villain never, ever dies at the end of the movie !.

– The Villain never uses machine guns.. they’re bad for his reputation !

–  The girl finds a way in the middle of the movie to take her clothes off without any reason !

–  Red syrup is very cheap in Hollywood so use it a lot !

– The Villain upheld by God, you can’t even touch him !

– Suddenly all the connections disappears !.

– The runaway car will not start up !

– Hush! Don’t talk normally, just whisper !

– Thank God! the sweet girl that we loved make it through everything and survived at the END !

Of course this doesn’t apply on all Hollywood’s horror movies but those authentic ones are rare, therefore, they pop out very obviously from the crowd .


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