Me and the Doctor

The other day I went to the doctor .”Help doctor!” I cried “I’m very ill”.

“Where’s the pain ?”. the doctor asked.

“where to start ?! … My brain can’t focus on anything, my heart in a minute bumps like I’m flying high in the sky; in another locks it gave up, my stomach won’t eat, my eyes won’t sleep… I can’t set, I can’t stand; I only walk in rounds… Pleas doc! What’s might be the problem?!”.

The doctor half closed his eyes, put the pen near to his moth and waggle his foot while he in those odd syndromes thought.

“Dear patient” he said “you have a very common syndromes  for a very powerful malady call love !” he silently thought for a minute then replied “ And I suppose you are separate from the one you love”.

“ True !. But what’s the core doc?”.

“oh ! I’m afraid that I don’t have the cure for that. However it’s with the one who hold your heart .and by happy dear patient cause love is the malady and the drug and you know what they say “heart in love is always young”.



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