From His Mother’s Womb to Tomb

Once upon a time a traveling man came on his road by a small, quiet and isolated village; and he decide to rest in it for a while.

The village looked for the traveler like any typical village in the word, and he didn’t see anything that makes it special amongst hundreds of villages and towns he saw and came by through his long journey. However, when he came by the graveyard he saw something extremely weird and bewildering !

The curiosity of the traveler made him enter the cemetery, and walking between the graves he read on the grave stones “here lies Steven who lived 20 days”  “here lies Smith who lived 12 days” and so on all the graves were for people who lived only days and no one completed one year !.

With a great shock and wondering the traveler came out from the cemetery then ran toward the first man he saw “Sir!” the traveler cried “Can I ask a question, please ?!”

“Sure my friend !”.

“ Sir, I’ve been traveling for ten years; I saw what no man’s eyes saw, and heard what no ears heard. Yet, I’ve never saw something so puzzling like your graveyard … I mean how is it possible that the longest man to live in your village only lived 305 days ?!”.

“Oh! That’s Mr. Michal” the other man said “Yeah I remember!, he was a happy man !’.

“What ?!”

“ oh Mr!  In our village we have an old habit to only count the happy days of a man’s life. So, if someone lived two happy days in his life we write those two only on his grave !”.

The traveler gestured with his head for understanding, then sat on the side of the road thinking in silent “can I ask you a favor ?”


“if I died here please bury me and write: here lies Robert from his mother’s womb to tomb” !.



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