So, Who’s Better Men or Women ?

Ilya Efimovich Repin (Russian painter) Какой простор! (What Freedom!)I was watching a movie and they start a short discussion about who’s beater men or women. I felt weird about it even before I hear the result of the discussion. Because while this kind of question almost disappeared -I hope so!- the wrong way of comparing still very much exist, and that doesn’t come out of nowhere. I’m saying that because I always need to face it in my job in marketing .

Before they taught us markets segmentation we needed to know all the demographic differences and one of those was the differences between men and women, and honestly all what they teach us was based on scientific and reliable research about physical and psychological differences. However, the problem was in the way of comparing not in the differences them selves . Which make me ask three simple questions about the whole society view and I hope I’m wrong!.

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