Lord of Flies

It was a piping hot, and humid afternoon, nevertheless, I covered my head with a blanket trying to sleep.
When I nearly did, suddenly, there came a buzz. I tried to ignore it covering one ear with my hand and pushing the other hard in the pillow, but I was in a condition made me hear the buzz so loud as if it was inside my skull !
I sat searching for the buzzing source, and found it of a damn fly hovering in the room.

The Bug by Raphael Lysander

The Bug by Raphael Lysander

I watched, doing nothing tell it fell on the window, then took that opportunity, since it’s the best place to hunt a fly, I stroke it fast, and it fell faster.
After eliminating the source of disturbance, back to sleep I laid Yet, it was not long when an intermittent buzz as of a dead engine, came to my ears. Then, the hovering with the annoying buzz continued.
I jumped mad, cursing, yet waited tell it fell on the window again, however, this time, and I don’t know why, mercy took me, and I opened the window lace letting the bug fly toward the light.
I laid my head again, pleading for sleep, and after a while, I couldn’t know if I acquired what I craved or didn’t; for I felt like sleeping, but still, I heard some people’s hum from the street. Then, there came the same disturbing buzz, only this time, somehow, louder than before.
I throw the blanket on the verge of swearing, but I was stopped by a scene of a gigantic fly sitting there on my sofa, smoking hookah.
“Thank you for opening the window”. It said pointing the hookah tube at me.
” You’re welcome !”
“But the hit before wasn’t cool”
“I was just trying to sleep.. I haven’t slept for three days”.
“You’re still thinking about that thing ?”.
“What thing ?” I asked bewildered.
“Ah !” It said while took a long smoke ” I thought since you couldn’t sleep, there must be a thing “.
“You’re a weird bug”. I said, and though I couldn’t see its complexions, and its eyes where a big blue-phosphoric thing, but from the intense way it moved its jaws, I thought it felt offended ! Therefore, I continued trying to loosen the situation.
“I feel my life futile”. It is extremely odd to discuss such a matter with a mere bug !
“Do you not have a job ?”
“I don’t”.
“Any one to love, and live for their sake ?”.
“Do you devote yourself and your time for a God whom you worship ?”
“Have you devoted your life, in the name of humanity, to help those who are in need ?”.
“I see”. it said, then looked at me a meaningful look “Heh ! You’re just like me”.
“No I’m not”. I yelled with pride.
“No ?!”
“I am … ”
“what ?”
“I write”
It laughed wildly, and loudly ” a writer, aye !” said sarcastically while I noticed a cloud of smoke waving up in the ceiling “You are more similar to me now than a second before”.
“How dare you” and I jumped toward it forgotten how huge it is.
It flew instantly, then circulated like a jet plane and attacked me, throwing me on my back. Then perished and sat on my chest holding my arms and legs to the floor.
“listen to me, and listen to me carefully, boy” it said while rubbed its jaws like flies normally do “If you to be a man of importance, go practice some politics, or become a dentist, maybe an actor, but if you gonna become a writer you’ll be nobody, and no one would care for you. It’s the craft of forgotten, lonely, and isolated people. Now, ” it got off me ” comprehend that quickly, so we can have some sugar !


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