The Murderer’s First Victim

Franz Stuck, The Murderer

Franz Stuck, The Murderer

I woke up suddenly and terrified; there was a man on my chest strangling me.

  The night was pitch black and I could see nothing, nevertheless, I had no interest to find who is the man, or why he wants me dead. All I did was kicking, twisting, and squalling like a caw being slaughtered. I tried my best to escape his firm and deathly grip, but it was in vain. He overpowered me and I started to lose consciousness.

    But then, as of a divine intervention, the clouds that veiled the moon dispersed like a theater’s curtain, and a white light entered the room to fall on my killer’s face as if saying look ! here is the criminal, here is the murderer. And he was no one but myself !

There was a shock then death.

*  *  *

I got off the corpse shaking and fell on the floor, then crawled to the corner where I sat sweltering and panting like a bad dog.

What on Hell just happened !

    I remember being on a mission to kill the man who lies lifeless on the bed now. After that it is all blank to the point when I woke up to find myself in the victim’s place until he died, and I felt death, too.

   I looked around. A mirror on the other side of the room. I crawled towards it on four, lighted a lamp, then carefully rose my head to its level as if afraid of something that might jump at me from the other side.

   There was an ugly, terrifying, and barbaric face which I recognized and loved; my face and no one’s else.

      I am alive, Yes. Yet, I’m certain that I’ve committed two murders that night !


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