Benefits of Reading Infographic

82 delicious layers, 12 hours of work dedicated to those who adore reading and book. Feel free to share it, and if you wish to make a print of this for educational purposes, don’t hesitate to contact me in order to get a free, print-resolution copy.

benefits of reading

Update: Some people asked for a print of this infographic. But, unfortunately, they had problems with meeting printing requirements. If you wish to have it ready in print, it’s available here on Zazzle. You can change the size as it please you, but please consider keeping the text readable.

Cette infographie en français

63 thoughts on “Benefits of Reading Infographic

  1. Reblogged this on sscbookclub and commented:
    Fantastic infographic on the benefits of reading by Raphael Lysander, many of us already know the benefits but for those that don’t this worth alook:

    1. Sure… and that would be very nice of you 😀
      If you need any help let me know

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  3. Reblogged this on Tell-Tale What? and commented:
    Although we knew it all along, the difficult thing was making it clear for non-readers. This infographic showing the benefits of reading can back us in the task of reinforcing reading habits not only among children, but among all.
    Visit Raphael Lysander’s blog for more works like this.

  4. an absolutely great work but there is a misspelled word. In chapter 3 the word ‘donate’ is missing it’s last letter.

  5. Bonjour
    J’ai essayé de traduire en français votre document de façon amusant pour faire réfléchir mes abonnés lecteurs adultes et jeunes de la bibliothèque ou je travaille. Je peux vous l’envoyer en pièce jointe si vous me donner votre adresse mail.. J’aimerais le mettre aussi sur mon blog avec un lien vers vous si vous m’y autorisez
    Bonne année 2016 Cordialement Véronique

  6. This is a very interesting reading .Thinking,Learning and discovering all come from reading.Reading time should be protected to promote health and prevent diseases.Reading is a weapon to fight poverty and all types of abuse in our world today.Time has come to encourage reading together The best way to protect our children in a world of violence and mistrust is to ensure that children of all community,race,culture,belief,religion,and culture are reading.Reading is tool of the mind to build bridges to connect each other

  7. Excellent work in putting this together. Informative in an entertaining way, and it’s made me quite happy to be among the ranks of readers.

  8. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    Brilliant post on the benefits of reading…for all of us who love books and those who write them with such love for humanity…thank you Raphael Lysander, Nicholas Rossi and Chris Graham…

  9. Great Post indeed!

    Thanks so much Mira.

    Reading and writing have been long forgotten.

    Reading a good article or book literally activates one’s imagination beyond belief
    and can never equate other modern forms where one’s imagination is not tickled!

  10. Hi, love this and followed the link to Zazzle but that is designed to create one’s own poster. How would I upload the image there?

    1. Hi, I updated the link now. You can check it and it’s ready for print. if you need any more hep don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail. and thank you for your interest.

      1. wonderful. if you need any other projects for kids or
        book illustrations contact me. i love working on educational and schools projects 😀

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