Some Regulations on Writing

Vintage-illustration-of-a-man-writing-with-a-feather-pen-pvShort direction

To avoid indecision,

By instructions

And prolongation,

In regulations

For simple construction,

And nice termination

More effectuation,

And gratification

With deep reflection,

On the nation.

Write with soul and heart,

Stay true and honest.

Be sharp and fluent,

Show no contempt.

Consider quality,

Not quantity

Be patient,

Don’t precipitate.


But don’t despise.

Show openness,

Not snootiness.

Be innovatory,

Avoid mummery.

Have distinction,

Abstain from affectation.

And remember this exhortation,

Make it your foundation:

Writing is an avocation,

Not an obligation

So have fun and .. enjoy !.

Inspired by Lewis Carroll in Useful and Instructive Poetry.


Love to hear your opinion !

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