The Short List of How to Kill Your Wife

Norman Rockwell-puppy-loveThe firt thing you should do now is to ask yourself what really attracted you to this title!

When you’re finished. This list, obviously, is not related to any killing; it’s more like killing your wife/girlfriend with love! Weirdly, men aren’t usually interested in such a list, they see it lame or ridiculous, and I understand. But, this one isn’t about buying chocolate or roses, it’s about the small, tiny things in life. And it’s personal; I wrote it in the beginning on a cheat of paper for my use. But, I thought it might inspire someone to write their own list.

1)    Give her at least one huge every day.

2)    Kiss her when you are leaving.

3)    Kiss her without a reason.

4)    Look for her before anything when you come home.

5)    Ask her about what she did when you were away from each other.

6)    Focus when she talk and leave what you’re doing.

7)    Ask her if she look tired or sad and suggest help without she ask.

8)    Call her from work and say something nice (not what you want for dinner !)

9)    Always take her side when she’s upset from someone (even if it was you !).

10)    Give her a massage (without to be a potential for sex !).

11)    Take a time for sex and ask about her desires.

12)    Be sweet with her in public.

13)    Show people that you are proud to be with her.

14)    Leave your friend or a sport match to be with her.

15)    Don’t rush her when she’s sprucing.

16)    Let her talk and listen closely.

17)    Ask her questions show that you listened to her before; such as “what happen to Lisa?! is she still bothering you ?”.

18)    Don’t be Plato with her problems but feel sympathy for her.

19)     Go walking … (together of course !).

20)    Escape together to a romantic place.

21)    Open doors for her.

22)     Dance with her without an occasion.

23)    Show appreciation for what she do for you .

24)    Compliment her new hear cut.

25)    Compliment her new shoes.

26)    Make her a dinner every time and another.

27)    Make her a cup of tea when she’s tired.

28)    Write her a love note .

29)    Don’t you ever forget her birthday.

30)    Be a friend for her.

31)    If you eat or did anything nice when you aren’t with her bring her the same thing and say something like “I couldn’t enjoy it without you”.

32)    Show interest in what she’s reading or watching.

33)     Ask her to write her own list.

Thank you for your patience.


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