The Year I Was Born

1989: The Year That Changed the World.
That’s a real book title published by the Time magazine.
Well, of course. I was born that year, so was Taylor Swift.
It was the warmest year ever recorded. I should say here something sweet like: you see I felt the world warmth as I came, or something sassy like: that how much hot I am. But, sadly, it wasn’t me, it was the beginning of green house gases’ effects.
It was the Young Readers Year; maybe that’s why I love reading so much!
In that year the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, the cold war ended, and Berlin Wall toured. Maybe that’s way the named me Raphael!
But it wasn’t just a year of peace but a year of revolution, months of student protests were violently quashed by China’s soldiers in the heart of Beijing, leaving a legacy that the world will not forget, maybe you can recall the picture of a man standing in front of a tank, later known as ‘tank man’. And maybe that’s way they named Lysander.
In that year at CERN, Europe’s particle-physics lab in Geneva, the Internet was just beginning to emerge as a commercially available service. But it lacked standardized systems for formatting, storing, locating and retrieving information. Then this guy Tim came and solved these problems by writing Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), a computer language for communicating documents over the Internet, and by designing a system to give documents addresses. He also created the first browser — calling it the WorldWideWeb — as well as a language (Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML) for creating Web pages and the first server software allowing those pages to be stored and accessed by others.
Also, a constellation of 24 satellite blasted off to orbit our plante and making up the global positioning system (GPS).
So, the Internet and GPS in the same year, in other words that year was the beginning of globalized age.
It was the year the Simpsons cast on fox. My favorite TV show! And the year of: ” I’ll have what she’s having.” in response to Meg Ryan’s character faking an orgasm in Katz’s deli during When Harry Met Sally. Also Batman’s Theme by Danny Elfman; one of the best modern compositions.


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